At Pelican we are more than just a company of products and services. We are a bunch of high energy inspired people who understand what our customers need and deliver beyond the customer's dream.


Create successful organization with time-tested values by empowering, deserving and capable people and celebrating individual and team victories during this process of genesis with total focus on delighting the customer beyond their dreams through our quality products and sincere service


Our vision helps us as a guide for our detailed map and guides every aspect of our business by outlining what we need to accomplish in our quest to achieve sustainable, quality growth.

Customer experience

We place the customer experience at the center of all we do. Our customers must thrive for us to exist. We show our appreciation by providing them with high quality products and superior service in the cleanest environment. Our aim is quality, service, and value for each and every customer, every single time.

Commitment to people

We are committed to our people. We believe in "joie de l'accomplissement" by building capability, providing opportunities, developing leaders and rewarding accomplishments. People with diverse backgrounds and experiences, working together in an environment that nurtures mutual trust and respect resulting in high levels of engagement, is essential to our continued success.

Continuous improvement

We strive continually to improve. Learning is a way of life every day. We anticipate and stay ahead of changing needs of our customers, employees and systems through constant advancement and innovation.

Give back to communities

We give back to our communities. We take seriously the responsibilities that come with being a leader. We help build better communities, support charities, and leverage our size, scope and resources to help make the world a better place.