Corn Tortilla Chips

It is no surprise that flour and corn food products, including tortilla chips, are so popular with consumers: They're fresh and flavorful when served at your favorite restaurant or purchased from your local market.

The high quality of our tortilla chips is made possible by ultra modern production machinery and processing techniques and of-course using specially selected high quality non-GMO corn free from all toxins.

The basic methods involved in tortilla and tortilla chip production have changed little since ancient times. Traditional tortilla preparation involves cooking and steeping (soaking) the corn, pouring off the cooking liquor, and washing the nixtamal (the end product of the cooking, steeping, and washing/draining process). The nixtamal is then dried and ground into corn flour, or masa. But some things have changed.

Today, our automated tortilla and tortilla chip state of the art equipment from world renowned snack food machine manufacturer- Heat & Control use gas-fired ovens to bake the formed masa. Tortilla chips are baked at temperatures ranging from 500 to 554°F (260-290°C), with baking time varying from 35 to 50 seconds. Baking enhances the alkaline flavor of the chips and reduces moisture and oil absorption during frying. The tortilla chips are cooled to produce a more uniform consistency and to reduce blistering.

The next step involves frying the chips in oil at temperatures ranging from 338 to 374°F (170-190°C). Salt and seasonings are applied immediately after frying, while the chips are still hot. The chips are then conveyed into an inclined rotating cylinder, where a liquid seasoning mix is sprayed on them. Upon cooling, the oil crystallizes, forming the seasoning coat.

It is then moved automaticaly to the latest Ishida (Japan) packaging system for packing the fresh Tortilla chips capturing the freshness, crisp and flavorful till you can lay your hands on our mouth watering Tortilla's.

We have a state of the art quaility control lab which monitors every ingredient and continous online process. Our portfolio of food products will be continuously improved and modified to -

  • Offer new products that meet the aspiration of the changing consumer,
  • Offer food products with affordable and appropriate nutrition,
  • Drive reduction of sodium, sugar and fat in Products,
  • Offer trans-fat free products,
  • Follow the highest standards in nutrition labeling and reporting,
  • Follow the highest standards of hygiene and manufacturing practices in all delivery formats,
  • Collaborate with experts and institutions and
  • Ensure widespread accessibility to healthy products through appropriate pricing and wide distribution.