We undertake our production activities by using the best farm practices, farming techniques and the latest technology with the purpose of maximizing agricultural production. The geographic distribution of our activities allows for an efficient and flexible farming system year round, in order to minimize the potential climatic risks of the region.

Agricultural partnerships allow for a better geographic mobility of production, which, leads to a systematic, flexible and agile farming management. This model achieves larger economies of scale and a rapid increase in area under cultivation.

Pelican Group management is defined by an equitable and transparent relationship with all of Pelican Group stakeholders. This is ensured by establishment of corporate goals compatible with sustainable development of society and preservation of environmental and cultural resources for future generations, while respecting diversity and reducing social inequalities.

  • Economic: Agricultural Produce Ultra High Yield Practice, Risk Management, Latest Technology,
    Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) , Low Production Cost, Economies of Scale, and Corporate
  • Environmental: Soil Management, Water Management, Environmental Education, Partnerships,
    and Environmental Certifications.
  • Social: Improve Quality Index of Life, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA),
    People Development, Social Projects and Actions.


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